We all would like to really understand women. How that would make all our lives so much easier. Honestly, this not likely to ever happen - man and women are just very different. We can however learn from our interactions and grow together as people. Although there is not one size fits all solution for this as we are talking about individuals here, we can learn from some generalizations that are generally true and can make your live easier. On the web there are tons of dating tips for girls that give you a good sense of what they worry about. Good stuff to know before you go on a date, so better come prepared!

Also make sure to check out the different girl types we listed for you. Although this is not complete there are quite some interesting types in there. It can make your life easier if you recognize a certain type easier, but in any case it is worth checking out the videos with pretty examples.

Girls Articles


What the girls worry about


What do girls worry about when it comes to dating? Plenty! Don’t be fooled by her calm exterior, women tend to be just as nervous as you are and often have a lot more insecurities. Yes, even the really pretty ones. Good to keep that in mind, may take the edge of a bit for you.


Relationships Articles


‘Chemistry’ is what we call it when two people make a connection. Because of all kinds of hormonal processes in interpersonal relationships this is both literally and symbolically true. One of our main goals in life is to make male and female connections. A good relationship can be characterized using ten key principles, which are outlined below.


Problem Solving

Each relationship has its downs from time to time. How do you get to the ups again?

Connect to your true core. If you are seriously committed to work on your relationship and to reconnect to your partner it is vital that you are sincere with yourself.