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Relationships Articles


‘Chemistry’ is what we call it when two people make a connection. Because of all kinds of hormonal processes in interpersonal relationships this is both literally and symbolically true. One of our main goals in life is to make male and female connections. A good relationship can be characterized using ten key principles, which are outlined below.


Problem Solving

Each relationship has its downs from time to time. How do you get to the ups again?

Connect to your true core. If you are seriously committed to work on your relationship and to reconnect to your partner it is vital that you are sincere with yourself.


Dating Articles


First step is to analyze your target; we will never fully understand women, but studying them will definitely help you make better judgements. To make your lives easier we categorized a few common you can run into here.

Getting into a conversation with her is your primary goal,



General - Once you establish contact and she is actually talking to you, the main goal is get a meaningful connection with her. This is important because polite conversation does not tell either of you anything significant about each other. Making a true connection can build a a bond between you in a very short time.



Without wanting to state the obvious, this is really the final step in the process. Being flirty is fine, but trying to get sex too early in the courting phase usually ends in disaster (from a love perspective, you may get her her in bed).

The trick is to be subtle about it, because not being sexy